hey :-)




  1. perfect happiness; great joy.
    "oh, pacific sages? that's bliss"
    synonyms: ..... beer? literally vibing? i think that's it.
    pacific sages started in 2017 with a few simple goals:
    - create a community of people who don't take stuff too seriously
    - help people find ways to find their version of bliss: whatever that may be
    - give us an excuse to go the beach. hence: beachy stuff
    - grow to a point where we can give back to things that we believe in
    - make dope clothes and jewelry and stuff? idk
    + always adding goals as we go :)
    mindfulness. peace. well-being.
    life ain't that serious. find something you love and let it consume you. 
    that's what experiencing bliss is all about.